Japan Food Pt 2

I brought a few things with me. I got some sweets in Kyoto as a present for my Japanese class. We ate these green and white triangles – the white ones tastes much more of cinnamon than the green ones – made mostly from azuki bean paste.

I also brought a few instant things: onion soup, because we drove through Japan’s ‘onion area’, and they sold these sachets at every service station we stopped at (ah, those custard pastry emergency stops…), and rice ball mixtures, because I can’t stop eating these things, and I want to try as many different flavours as possible! Here is a batch I made just now…

Was amazed how easy it is to make Japanese rice. Though I know I still have to work on those triangle shapes… 😉 The sesame component of the mixtures (I bought the two vegetarian options) is particularly successful. The onion soup is very tasty, too. I had it for lunch today. You need two sachets to one mug.

Ah, and I also got some interesting tea as a present – a colour-changing green tea mixture that turns blue first and then green! Must post a video at some point. I tried making one when I first drank it, but the steam got into the camera, ruining the shot – d’oh!

Apart from Japanese foods, I also indulged in some Dutch foods while stopping off in Amsterdam. I got about a ton of amazing liquorice as well as a goat cheese for a friend (I wanted some too, but she made off with the lot!) 😉 Does anyone happen to know a Dutch deli in London?!


One response to “Japan Food Pt 2

  1. No I’m afraid not. Love salty liquorice.

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