Improving cheap olives & squishy cherries

I got really late into olives. Before, I did I could not understand why everybody I knew worshipped these little critters. Now I even have occasional cravings for them! Unfortunately, the recent cravings coincided with being pretty broke, so I had to think of a way of having my cake and eat it… The solution I came up with was the following: Buying cheap olives in brine and marinating them myself with stuff that’s already in the house! I know that you can marinate olives in nicer stuff than dried herbs, cheap blended oils and chillies, but hey, as long as there is plenty of garlic in the mix, it’s okay! 😉
My marinade was pretty straight-forward: oil (ready made supermarket’s own brand olive-sunflower blend), 5 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped, a few dried chillies, dried basil and majoram. I think that was it. I guess you can also make the olives more tangy by adding lemon/lime-y things.

The result is surprisingly tasty and goes very nicely with my latest bread experiment made with other stuff that was already in the house (a mixture of flour leftovers, mostly wheat and barley). Which reminds me, I still have to do more corn and mesquite meal experiments…

I also could not resist getting a bag of reduced, almost-off cherries. To rescue them, I turned them into cherry compote. I first wanted to make a cherry-apple soup, but was too lazy to also chop an apple. Will be eaten tomorrow with cream – if my temporary housemate’s leftover cream from earlier this week is not off by then, that is. Otherwise it’ll be milk or improvised custard (hmh, milk, cornstarch, sugar?).


2 responses to “Improving cheap olives & squishy cherries

  1. hi, i’ve just tried the same myself… i’ve bought some LIDL olives in brine, big jars for cheap, i made a mix of virin olive oil, garlic, herbes de provence (cheap dried) and some lemon and limes we had in for christmas, sea salt, pepper…etc… i’ll let you know how they turned out… the oil was the expensive bit, but you don’t actually use much as the more olives you cram in the jar there’s not actually much space for the oil…. the only problem i forsee is once the jars are open it says to consume in a week… does putting in the olive oil and resealing them preserve them ok?…. i just wish the olives were larger cos these big cheap jar do have fairly small ones in ….

  2. i haven’t had problems with storing the olives for longer so far – other than being peckish! please let me know how they turn out! 🙂

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