Food For Thought

I came across an electronic book today called ‘Foodstuff’. It was published by the UK think tank Demos (you can download it for free from their website) and has a pretty varied content & perspectives (plenty to agree and disagree with). Thought it might interest some readers. Here is what’s in the book:

Part 1. Understanding food culture

Too rich, too thin? – Felipe Fernández-Armesto
Slow down: The return to local food – Carlo Petrini
Food is not fuel – Geraldine Bedell
The spice of life? – David Lammy
Social service – Terence Conran
On the menu: why more choice isn’t better – Rebecca L Spang

Part 2. Food politics, risk and trust

Hot potatoes: politicians, food and risk – John Gummer
Farming today: food science and subsidy – Chris Haskins
Gut reaction: the real risks of food poisoning – Hugh Pennington
Cultivating trust – Renate Künast
‘Big Food’: politics and nutrition in the United States – Marion Nestle

Part 3.Well-being and social outcomes

Barbecue of the vanities: nutritional advice since the Renaissance – Steven Shapin
Working on the food chain gang – Jeanette Longfield
Getting better: food in the NHS – Loyd Grossman
Recipe for peace: the role of nutrition in social behaviour – Bernard Gesch
Urban agriculture in Australia: local food, global communities – John Brisbin
People – the missing ingredient – Daniel Miller

Part 4. Global hunger

The rich diet, and the poor go hungry – Clare Short
The politics of the empty belly – Alex de Waal
Feast and famine – James Erlichman
‘To them that hath…’: how world trade policies undermine poor producers – Barbara Stocking


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