Purple Broccoli Pizza & Hostel Cooking

Unfortuately, I forgot to take a picture of the pizza when it came out of the oven, so here is only a ‘day after’ picture. Once again, I forgot the onions. Other that that, I put purple broccoli, courgettes, capers, mushrooms and tomato-garlic sauce on the pizza and some cheese. The dough recipe can be found here.

The reason why I haven’t posted much recently is that I was away for two weeks. During that time, I stayed at a youth hostel for a few days where you could cook yourself. Being a bit skinned and not having seen any supermarkets in reasonable travelling distance, I was dependent on the local ‘free shelves’. These shelves contained what former residents had left behind for new arrivals to eat. I ended up making spaghetti with a very ‘interesting’ tomato sauce. It actually turned out alright, despite containing a weird mixture of tomato puree, dried dill, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, some Mexican chilli powder mixture, salt pepper, vegetable oil of unknown origin and spring onions (cannot remember whether I put in anything else). I offered it to two other people, and they seemed to enjoy it, too! It’s amazing what can pass as a decent pasta sauce. I just remember at one point mixing oil with different spices and passing it off as pesto 😉 Other highlights from the cupboard included millet cereal with soya milk (much healthier breakfast that I had expected!) and lots of ingredients for baking which, combined with the resident waffle iron, made for a delicious snack with maple syrup. Utter luxury from ‘waste’ for the cost of mere manual labour! 😉 Of course, I also left a few things on the shelves when I had finally located a local shop for future travellers to make stuff up with!


2 responses to “Purple Broccoli Pizza & Hostel Cooking

  1. Your pizza looks good, thanks for the dough recipe, I usually used premade store bought dough but this looks much better, I want to try to make it. do you have any tips for a good pizza, when I make pizza it taste like the frozen kind yuck. I take the store bought pizza dough plain dough, and bake it for ten minutes then I put tomatoe sauce and already grated cheeese and pepperoni, but the pizza taste I wont does not happen. I want it to taste better and to add more of a variety of ingrediants. Please help. Thanks always abbby walney.

    • I have never bought ready-made dough, so I don’t know its instructions on the back, but if it’s like normal dough, then try not pre-baking it. Otherwise it will probably just taste like bread with something on top. A lot of the pizza taste, I find, comes from the oven it is baked in, so the smoky Italian stone-oven ones are not really replicable with a home oven, unless you’ve got an open-fire one like my aunt. A lot also comes from the thickness and what you do to the crust. E.g. you can brush it with olive oil.
      I think using olive oil and the right amount of salt in the dough is probably also important for the taste. What tomato sauce do you put on? I usually mix tomato puree with a bit of water, olive oil, garlic, Italian herbs, salt and pepper. You can also experiment with different kinds of cheeses. I also find that putting some capers on the pizza gives it a nice taste. For toppings, I usually put onions on and cheese (I usually use cheddar, but usually use anything I find on special offer that will melt, e.g. on the last pizza I used mozzarella as it was half price). Everything else varies. I’ve had: pineapple, chilli & red pepper; green pepper, mushroom & purple broccoli; crushed nuts, raisins, capers; spinach, quorn pieces & feta cheese; etc.

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