Carrot & Oat Burgers

Another burger recipe.

Dry bread (4 slices or 2 rolls)
Carrots (one huge one or two medium-sized ones)
Oats or other grain flakes (e.g. buckwheat or spelt flakes), a few spoonfuls
Seasoning: use whatever you like/have. I used salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, mustard powder, mixed herbs, vegetable stock.
1-2 Eggs
Garlic (2 cloves)
1 Onion or 2 shallots
Optional: instant mash (a few spoonfuls)

Soak some old bread in cold water or stock. Gently squeeze out water when bread is soft again. Make sure bread doesn’t go too mushy.
Roughly grate carrot and add to squeezed-out bread.
Add chopped onions & garlic.
Add flakes & spices.
If you have some instant mash that you urgently need to get rid of but don’t want to throw away, put a bit into the mixture to firm it up.
Add the egg and knead everything into a firm, wet dough!
Form the burgers & fry them in a pan with some oil.
Eat burgers with breadrolls & your favourite sauces (I love mustard & ketchup).

The first lot turned out a little squish on the inside despite long frying time. Added another egg and some more ‘flour’ from the flakes, which made the whole thing more solid!


One response to “Carrot & Oat Burgers

  1. I’ll have a go at that.
    Let me know when you are going away….if someone is needed to cook at Corsica studios….
    Hope to see you soon at The Underground Restaurant

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