Beware of people bearing clotted cream!

This week, a friend from Norway visited me. To my delight, he brought me two pounds of salty liquorice. In return, I gave him some cream eggs, scones and a small tub of clotted cream before he went to the airport. I thought that they would let him take the cream in as it was about 100g, in original packaging and in a clear tub. But no! He texted me from the plane that he was allowed to take his razorblades through, but not the clotted cream. Can anyone tell me the reasoning behind this strange clotted cream vs razorblades business?! I can already see the headline: Norwegian business man threatens to suffocate airline captain with clotted cream – the drama!

Anyway, if you’re in Norway and have been deprived of your clotted cream, here is how you are supposed to eat it:

Image Source: Wikipedia

Let’s hope they have some British deli’s up there soon – or more sensible regulations…


2 responses to “Beware of people bearing clotted cream!

  1. Salty licorice! I want some.
    Have you tried it with chocolate in it?

  2. Yes, I have. It’s delicious and tastes a lot like liquorice toffee. Do you mean the RJ’s sticks you can get in some corner shops? 😀

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