Somethingfromanything-style Baked Potatoes

As I’m still catching up with the Christmas fallout, so nothing too interesting has appeared on my plate: egg fried noodles with bits of carrot, lots of wholemeal toasties, egg butties, baked potatoes and the odd pasta dish. My most exciting dish for a long time was the above baked potato meal. I baked a few small potatoes, and just before they were done i cut them in half and topped them with sliced mushrooms, courgettes, onions and garlic. After grating some ‘buy one get one free’ red leicester over them, I put them back in the oven and boiled some green beans. The two things went really well together, especially if you toss the beans with butter. And the whole thing looks pretty stunning – to me, anyway – and you can make several portions from just one courgette and half a pound of mushrooms! So it’s pretty cheap and you get your five a day – sort of. I actually had baked bananas and apples for ‘afters’, so that should definitely count!


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