Theme Pub Ideas for 2009

This year I have to ask myself – where do I go when my contract runs out at the end of September? Quite a few friends have a similar problem & are already & unsuccessfully looking for jobs. What to do? Well, if we had the funds we would open theme pubs!

My favourite one so far is ‘The Academy’. It has only researchers/academics behind the bar and in the kitchen. You can choose your bartender by subject area (philosopher? astrophysicist? geographer?) and, instead of newspapers, you will find the staff’s academic papers on the tables. Any takers?

There should also be a pub run by unemployed business people/bankers (called The Stockpot or The Exchange?) so they can show on their CVs that they can successfully run this kind of establishment. Screens would show NTV and other business favourites, and in the spirit of CSR customers can get some free financial advice or trade services and items. Of course, they would try to develop it into a world-spanning franchise!

Other possibilities for 2009 would be the Woolworths memorabilia pub (run by ex-Woolies employees), the Guerrilla Craft Exchange (complete with wool basket, crocheting needles & pattern books), the DIY pub (the guests can make improvements to the pub and use materials provided or bring their own) and the Rational Cafe (very basic interior, cheap drinks & food so people can hang out all day – thanks to Rebecca for drawing together some more ideas for this!).


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