New Year Cooking

New Year’s Eve I cooked something at my friends’ fantastic party (drumming into the New Year, great music, food & company, what do you want more?). My friends had already made a Mexican style Chilli and an Iranian Dish (gotta get the recipe!), so I thought it would be funny to make something ‘hardcore’ German and went for the ‘Krautspaetzle’ experience. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture (and the one I had posted earlier got replaced by a ‘stop stealing bandwidth’ sign by some idiot website owner although i had referenced it – so much for knowledge sharing!), but I’ve just cooked it again, because I had more cravings for this dish! I have to admit I’m not from Bavaria, but as a kid, we once went there on holiday and this dish made a lasting impression on my taste buds. It’s very cheap & simple to make, too, if you’ve got the appropriate equipment, at least. Here is the recipe for last night’s converts to the mighty sauerkraut!

First, you make the home-made noodles. The recipe is simple: per egg you add 100g flour, about 3 tbsp of water (carbonised is best) and a 1/4 tsp of salt. I used 4 eggs and thus 400g flour, about 12 tbsp water and 1 tsp of salt. Add more water if the dough is not stretchy enough (for consistency see above picture). I then press the dough through a grater-type thing into boiling salt water, but you can drip the dough through a colander or scrape it off a chopping board. It’s quite messy, but fun! If in doubt about the method, google ‘spaetzle’ and check out people’s diverse methods!

For the sauerkraut I get the most basic one from the Polish shop next door (the one without white wine) and add some vegetable stock, some caraway seeds and plenty (!) of butter & marjoram. Heat it until piping hot, then add the noodles!

I sometimes also eat the noodles layered & baked with grated cheese & fried onions.


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