Cream Of Mushroom Soup

The other day, a friend took me to Salcey Forest where we wanted to see a colleague’s sculpture exhibition. We spent most of the day in traffic jams and, in the end, did not even see the sculptures because it was by then too dark to spot them! Anyway, in the Salcey Forest Cafe they served us a delicious homemade cream of mushroom soup. In fact, I was so impressed that I decided to make one as soon as I had the chance. And, last night, it finally arrived. Got hold of 4 massive portobello mushrooms, an onion and some cream on the way home from a gig which today got turned into soup! The recipe goes as follows:

1 onion
2 large cloves of garlic
1 portobello mushrooms
500ml vegetable stock
mixed herbs of some description (used cheap supermarket own brand ones), pepper (and, if you like it hot, chilli powder)
2 dollops of extra thick double cream
some bread to go with the soup if you like

Gently fry roughly chopped onions and whole garlic cloves. Add roughly chopped portobello mushrooms (see above). Simmer for a bit until everything smells nice, then add 500 ml of vegetable stock, pepper and herbs. Simmer until the mushrooms have shrunk quite a bit and the soup smells very mushroomy! Blend the soup and stir in some cream.
I have to confess I ate 1 1/2 pints of the stuff in one go today with some toasted sesame rolls. Can’t imagine a better Sunday dinner!

PS: Tastes nice with a drink mixed of equal parts of cold herbal tea and ginger drink (thanks, Nicole, for the bottle of ginger drink!).


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