Chocolate Orange Cake (with gooey centre)

(no photo yet, but soon!)

Made a chocolate orange cake the other day because I had to use some eggs up. Worked rather well! I used a basic cake recipe and then added some ‘stuff’. The recipe goes something like this:

For the base dough mix:
3 eggs
175 g sugar
175 g butter
175 g flour
baking powder
grated orange peel & orange juice of 1/2 orange
orange essence
chocolate sprinkle
(maybe some vanilla sugar or essence?)

Scoop approximately two thirds of the dough into a rectangular cake tin.

I then spooned a track of chocolate sauce from the jar I mentioned in a previous post (thanks again, Uli!). Into the remaining dough I stirred about a teaspoon of cocoa powder and spooned the mixture on top of the chocolate sauce track! But you could do lots of other things instead – e.g. put a track of kinder bar in the middle… anyway…

Bake at medium heat for about 45 mins, depending on the temperament of your oven…


2 responses to “Chocolate Orange Cake (with gooey centre)

  1. That cake was totally amazing. Great to meet you at The Others club.
    Will try this recipe deffo.

  2. Great to meet you, too! Just got some more reduced to clear items, so I will see what else I can knock together before that time where relatives feed you all sorts of naughty stuff! 🙂 If you have some spare cacao butter from your chocolate experiments, maybe you can try creating a cake with that! I’ve never encountered cacao butter before, so I will check it out despite being a little chocophobic – I’m a cleric of the temple of liquorice, you see? 😉

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