Marzipan & Nut Cookies

More of the same (looking, but differently tasting) cookies! This time I had to used up an opened packet of nuts that a friend got at a Tesco interview and some raw marzipan from a cake I made ages ago. I also had a leftover tin of chestnut puree in the cupboard.

I kneaded half of the

chestnut puree (the rest went in the freezer for my next experiment) into half of the
marzipan, then added
a bit of vanilla essence,
plain flour (and a bit of spelt flour I had left over from baking bread & cheese waffles),
a bit of baking powder,
quite a bit of butter

and kneaded the whole thing again. Finally, I added some

chopped nuts and formed the dough into little cookies.

Baked the whole lot at mid heat and impatiently hovered around the slowly cooling tray until they were ready to eat! I ate about eight or ten of them at once – some got naughtily dipped into a jar of chocolate sauce that got given to me by a friend at my 10th anniversary party (thanks, Uli)! 😀


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