Pepper Tomato Rice Soup

Well I put a bit too much rice in and did not make enough stock, but otherwise it was very tasty! I had to use a bowl of rice and a small bag of pointy peppers up and had a tin of tomatoes in the cupboard. So I thought I’d make soup! After all, my grandmother was very fond of putting rice into all sorts of soups – and they always tasted good!
I started by grabbing a pot, putting some oil in it and adding chopped onions and a few cloves of garlic. I then added the chopped peppers. When the peppers started going soft a bit, I added the tin of tomatoes, some water, herbs and spices. I think I just used standard mixed herbs and a bit of cayenne (maybe some cajun?). After everything was softish and seemed of the right taste and consistency, I got my blender out and liquidised the soup. The rice was added in shortly before serving.
As I also had to use some limes up, I also made a lime-yoghurt drink from 2 limes, brown sugar, water and a few spoonfuls of yoghurt! During that time, my housemate got some bread to go with the soup!


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