Baked Apples

So finally, I got to make use of my donated apples! I first wanted to make apple crumble (with my trademark crumbly-oaty topping and usually fantasising about some additional, unattainable blackberries), but then I was in the mood for something less solid. So I went for baked apples! Ideally, you make this recipe by coring the apples and then stuffing them with a mixture of raisins, chopped or flaked almonds, butter, sugar and cinnamon. I just had the last three ingredients, so they were not all that exciting, but effective nevertheless! After getting them out of the oven, I spooned them into a bowl, but them into pieces and put some custard (nocturnal impulse buy – was gone in a matter of hours…) with chocolate sprinkles on top. Not bad at all! 😀


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