Chestnut cookies

Photo: another humble cookie…

Two of my friends decided in the same week to donate some leftover food to me, because they are temporarily going to be out of the country. I now have to use up 2 gigantic packets of nuts, 1 half-empty net of chestnuts, a small bag of cooking apples, a glass of Belgian white chocolate and hazelnut spread (less fancy than it sounds – Belgian readers might recognise the name ‘blanco’…), coconut milk and some Thai curry paste. I managed to redistribute two of the curry pastes (which still leaves me with two!), but now I still have the other stuff, which I’m actually very happy about! So, tonight, I roasted the chestnuts – but suddenly I my appetite for chestnuts disappeared as soon as they were out of the oven. I waited a few hours, but still no chestnut hunger.

Around midnight, I gave up and threw them into my housemate’s food processor along with the one egg I had left, some vanilla sugar (another donation) a few scoops of butter and some flour. I then remembered the white chocolate and hazelnut spread and, because it is very sweet, I added a few scoops of that instead of sugar. I added enough flour to make a firm dough and speedily formed a few makeshift cookies, because it was getting a bit late! Could not be bothered to decorate them either, so I just whacked them into the oven and took them out about 15-20 minutes later when they were sliightly browned. Also no great lookers, they turned out quite tasty! I read somewhere on the net that ground chestnuts taste best within a meringue-type dough, but I would only follow this kind of recipe if I had a plan for the remaining egg yolk. Maybe I can try them during my Christmas-cookie baking marathon at my parent’s house this year… must not forget to receive more chestnut donations! 😉


3 responses to “Chestnut cookies

  1. Just bought some chestnuts, think I may make a soup but if I have some left, I will make your cookies…

  2. Hi Ms SFA,

    how are you doing? Hope all is well… any ideas on a simple to cook nut roast kind of thing…?


  3. Argh! Haven’t made nut roast since I’ve moved down from Wakefield, so I could only refer to the ever resourceful weird world web! I found a recipe which I would like to try some day, because of its boastful title:
    Another one that is apparently ‘basic’ is this one:
    Otherwise you can always cheat and get a not roast mix at your local health food store! 😉 But I shall experiment for next year and find a good one!

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