Sandwich & toastie fillings

Hmh, I wanted to call this post ‘great baps’ at first, but I know too many people who have other associations with the word ‘baps’, so I opted for the more PC ‘sandwich’ (hey, just thinking, it might have generated more readers for this post…). What I am basically referring to are these soft squishy buns… er, here we have another of those words… and also the crusty rolls, as I am not a fan of what is considered ‘normal’ bread which mostly seems to contain air, clogs up your intestines and ironically does not even withstand the harsh procedures of sandwich making (you either end up with holes from buttering or holes or major sogginess). Anyway…

After this grand speech, here are some more humble sandwich fillings! When I grew up, whenever we had leftovers, they were hardly ever thrown away (or ‘given to the birds’ outside). Instead, it was always ‘we can eat that tomorrow in a sandwich’. And literally, anything from fried potatoes (mash potato was reformed into potato cakes) and omelettes to fish and meat was eaten on bread or in a sandwich. I’ve kind of kept that tradition (although I’m not too sure about my last chinese takeaway sandwich…), but mostly, I make them with the ‘normal’ ingredients. As I haven’t made any sandwiches for carnivores for a long time (and the ones I made might scare people…) and I cannot possibly cover all possible fillings, feel free to add stuff via comments!

My current favourite is a toasted unbuttered roll with cheddar and ketchup. The cheddar is put under the grill (on the bun!) briefly, then ketchup is squirted on top of it… yum! I started making these sandwiches a few years ago to substitute for chip butties at a time when I didn’t even have enough money for chips… and not, as some people may suspect, to wean myself off chip butties 😉

My previous favourite was grated cheese with honey (butter toasted roll, then spread honey on it and cover with grated cheese). I have also made someone addicted to grilled camembert with cranberry sauce sandwiches (make like the cheese-ketchup sandwiches, add lettuce if you wish). You can also use goats cheese or brie for this combo.

Feta cheese is great as a Greek salad filling (with onions, tomatoes, lettuce, garlic & oil), but I’m sometimes not patient enough to make the latter. Sometimes I have a feta cheese omelette (or Spanish omelette) in a bun instead.

My favourite non-cheesy ones are mashed banana and avocado (separately, not in combination!). The former is just made by mashing a banana, the latter is made by mashing a ripe avocado with lemon juice, salt, pepper, cayenne/chilli, garlic (and, if you have some, a little cajun or other curry-style powder). You can also make a ‘cheesy avocado’ filling. My favourite 24-hour cafe used to do a lovely ‘tricolore’ sandwich which was made by spreading pesto on a crusty roll or ciabatta, layering avocado, tomato and mozzarella slices on top (in that order) and putting it under a grill before closing it. Phwoar! It’s not usually in my budget though. Neither are halloumi sandwiches 😦

Here are also some toastie fillings. Unfortunately, a friend has borrowed my sandwich toaster, so I won’t be able to make any toasties until in about a months time – if she does not forget to return the sandwich toaster! Most popular one in this household is the cheese & chillie toastie, which just contains cheese and chopped chillies. The camembert (or brie) & cranberry combination also works well with toasties by the way. A few months ago, Sainsbury’s had a recipe for apple pie toastie: chop apples into small, thin pieces, mix with cinnamon, sultanas and honey. Use as toastie filling. I’m sure some more fruity toasties can be made that way, e.g. with apples and berries – or apple and custard? Must try as soon as I get my equipment back! One of my colleagues also made a strange chilli-apple filling. Which reminds me, another friend of mine makes kiwi & chocolate toasties (you could use any fruit that goes with chocolate really). Can’t remember whether he uses chocolate spread or chopped chocolate… A popular one at school – surprise, surprise – was kinderriegel filling

Hmh, will continue thinking what else I’ve made as a toastie or sandwich – there must be more!


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