Roast Vegetable Potato Salad

I’m not a big fan of potato salads – or potatoes in general (although I do eat them occasionally). One of my task in life is to create a potato salad that even I will like. The first essential ingredient to scrap is obviously my arch-enemy: supermarket-mayonnaise! A friend once made a tasty potato salad without mayo. I ate it nearly 15 years ago, so all I can remember is peppers, potatoes and a vinaigrette type sauce. But it had other vegetables in it as well. So based on those memories, I tried out making a salad with some spare courgettes and peppers that I had. Because in the UK, people always seem a bit wary of raw peppers and courgettes (and the salad wasn’t to be made for me) I opted for a ‘roast vegetable’ potato salad!

I boiled some potatoes the night before and peeled them. The next day, I cut fine my red peppers, courgettes, onions and garlic and roasted them for over an hour (if you have a BBQ going, even better!). I left them to cool and then added them to my chopped potatoes. I also added some olives (half price – special offer!) and some tinned beans. Carnivores could add some ham or roast bacon.

To bind everything together, I made some sort of mustard-vinaigrette with pepper and cayenne (can’t remember what exactly went in there). It would have been great with chives, but some guy grabbed the last pot of chives from the reduced to clear pile, so I only got parsley! People seemed to like the salad, but I’m not satisfied with it as yet. For a start, it was a bit too mushy for my taste. Must continue the potato-salad experiments…


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