Beetroot Burgers

For those who have asked me about the exact steps of how to make beetroot burgers, here is a little photo series…

First, put the beetroot into the juicer for yummy beetroot juice (or you can simply grate some old beetroots). Add orange juice or apple juice or other juices to the beetroot juice.

Add spices to the juicer leftovers. I always use mustard powder and paprika, and then whatever I feel like on the day or whatever fresh herbs need using up… I sometimes let the beetroot mix marinate over night.

Soak old bread with vegetable stock and/or spice mix. Squeeze out bread, add to the beetroot mix. Add garlic puree, chopped onions and eggs. If mixture is too runny, add some flour.

Put beetroot burger patties in a pan with hot oil (medium heat).

Fry until firm and slightly browned. It’s sometimes quite difficult to spot when beetroot burgers are ready, because they always look raw! If you add mince meat to the mix, it is even more difficult to tell…

I usually let the burgers cool down and then put them in the toaster or under the grill when I’m hungry. They are nice in a bun with mustard and/or ketchup and/or salad!


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