Improved Mushroom Stroganoff

Yes, my experiment worked! Here is the recipe from last night’s party (thank you Mariko and Justin!!)! I had not made this before, and I did not really know what to call it. So I named it after the only mushroom dish I know! The posh mushrooms (organic portobello and oyster mushrooms) and fresh ‘stuffing herbs’ came from the ‘reduced to clear’ section, the white mushrooms came from the market.

What went in there?

The rice: brown rice boiled in lots of hot water flavoured with vegetable stock, asafoetida, paprika, salt, cinnamon sticks and some other semi-random spices! After draining it off, I melted some salted butter with some more herbs and spices (more of the same with mixed herbs in there somewhere) and poured it over the rice.

The mushroom ‘thingy’: Fried lots of garlic in the same pot I had melted and flavoured the butter in. Added onions, lots of chopped and fried leeks, a mixture of chopped and fried mushrooms (oyster, white, portobello), veggie mince, stuffing herbs (rosemary, sage, thyme), and bits of red peppers and courgettes (not necessary, but needed using up… you could add anything you like really). I then added more cinnamon, coriander, a bit of turmeric (if you’ve got saffron, that’s even better, but I didn’t have any, so the colour looks a bit crap), pepper and … I can’t remember what else.
Next, I poured in a few pints of vegetable stock, and when I had flavoured the whole dish to my satisfaction, I dropped in some herbed cream chesse, creme fraiche and cheese corners (use any creamy-cheesy stuff that you can get your hands on really). I was tempted to even add some feta cheese to the mix, but didn’t in the end. It’s quite a calorific dish, but then you are not supposed to eat the whole contents of the pot!


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