Black Cabbage Soup

Yesterday, I did not have a chance to go to the market, so I opted for ‘sticker hunting’ at Waitrose. Already from the door, I spotted one of the red and white stickers bearing the alluring title ‘reduced’! This time it was on a vegetable I had never encountered before. It read ‘cavolo nero’ (and 39p, yey!). There were some suggestions on the plastic packaging: as side dish, with pasta etc. At home, I looked the mysterious vegetable up on the internet. There were a few recipes. The simplest one being a soup. As I had all the ingredients for the recipe and an appetite for soup, I decided to make it. I even had half a tin of butter beans sitting on a shelf (possibly waiting to end up in the Greek ‘gigantes’ salad I’m never going to make…)! It was very tempting to use some spare leaves to make ‘cavolo nero pesto’, but the recipe required a lot of ‘parmigiano-reggiano’ which I can’t afford. So back to the soup…

I followed the cabbage soup recipe in most places (using onions, garlic, potatoes, vegetable stock), but as half of my potatoes turned out to be green under their layer of dirt, I had to use more cabbage than potatoes, thus making the soup a bit more watery (I compensated a bit with some corn flour dissolved in lime juice). I also did not have fresh herbs. When everything was cooked, I pureed two thirds of the potato-cabbage base:

I then added to it the remaining ‘original soup’ and the butterbeans, and ate it with some left over bread. Very tasty – the cabbage seems to have a flavour that lies between kale and savoy!


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