Five-A-Day Pasta Bake

(Pasta bake before going into the oven)

I went a bit crazy on the market again and bought lots of stuff. I chopped it all and fried into a base for a big tray of pasta bake that should last me for a while. Added some leftovers in for good measure. The recipe ended up as some sort of 5-a-day pasta bake! My government will be pleased! 😉

half a pound of mushroooms, sliced and ‘shock-fried’
4 shallots, 4 cloves of garlic
2 small courgettes
1 aubergine (treat of the week, pre-salted, then washed and squeezed out)
1 gigantic red pepper
I fried all these and seasoned the mix with dried basil, salt, pepper, olive oil, cayenne and paprika (thanks for the souvenir from Hungary, Nicole! :D).

While the vegetables were simmering, I boiled pasta (did not have enough of one kind of pasta, so I used the remaining bit of wholemeal pasta and the remaining bit of rice pasta I had once bought to make a hearty salad for a wheat-intolerant friend).

I then mixed the pasta and the vegetables and grated my last bit of cheese over it – only to realise that I had forgotten the washed spinach in a colander in the sink! So I had to destroy my carefully spread cheese cover and mix the spinach it. Then, I thought, I might as well put some more left-overs in. So I added some sunflower seeds, parmesan and the last bits of camembert from the waffle-making. The end-result was very pleasing. Somehow it tasted like it would also go well with some prawns in it as far as I can remember their taste. If you are a prawnivore with leftover prawns in your electric cool box, you might want to throw some in and check out if I’m right.


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