Danube Mud Pie

Before I fall asleep, here is another quick cake experiment report… It all started with me making a birthday cake for a German friend. There is a cake in Germany called ‘Donauwellen’ (‘Waves of the Danube’ – you are supposed to make these waves into the chocolate icing with a fork). But because the process of making the cake is so messy and, also, I prefer a messy marbled effect to the fork pattern, I call it ‘Danube Mud Pie’ after the famous Mississippi Mud Pie. Or maybe I feel that just looking at the pretty waves is a bit superficial – so enter the glorious mud! Anyway, it’s basically a flat marble cake with cherries and a layer of vanilla cream or vanilla flavoured butter cream (whichever you prefer) and chocolate icing on top. Dead easy, but a lot of work, as every layer needs to cool first before you can proceed to the next!

Today, I wanted to try out a different type of vanilla cream, so I ended up making one from 1 pint of boiling milk, about 4 tbsp of vanilla sugar, 1 egg and cornflour. I made it in such a lazy and bizarre way (not separating the egg and beating the egg white, but stirring everything in vigorously with the cornflour-sugar-milk) that I ended up with this strange eggy-vanilla foam! It was actually very tasty! Because I also needed to use up some cream, I stirred about half a pot of whipped cream under the mixture. I used most of it for the cake and had the rest as a somewhat eccentric mousse dessert with my very late lunch!


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