Butternut Squash Bake

I haven’t had such a photogenic meal in ages! It’s getting cold and winter squashes are invading the markets, so I thought I’d try incorporating them into a meal for some friends. I’ve just had roast squashes and butternut squash soup before, so making a bake was something I have never done before. I first considered making a creamy sauce with them, but then I went for the cheesy-eggy type, inspired by a German blog (thank you!). Here is the recipe:

In a baking tin, slightly pre-roast (with some oil, salt, chilli powder and some other spices you like – I tried cumin which worked okay) chopped

Butternut Squash (you could use other members of the squash family)

In the meantime, wash some


and make the sauce by whisking together

Eggs (for your average British home baking tray you will need about 6 eggs)
Cream (any, about 1/2 pint)
Grated Cheese (any, even feta would work)
Nutmeg (or other spices you like)

Take out the slightly pre-roasted vegetables, stir in the washed (and hopefully dry) spinach leaves, and, if you want, some

Veggie Mince

Pour over the cream-egg mixture (the vegetables don’t need to be covered by it, it will rise above them even if the mixture just covers the bottom of the baking tin), grate some extra cheese over the top and, lastly, add some

Toasted sunflower seeds (you can get a bag of untoasted ones for just over 20p, and you can toast them yourself in a pan or in the oven)
and/or (if you can get/afford it) Pre-soaked wheat grain (e.g. Ebly) and maybe bits of veggie mince

as a topping!

The result should look something like this:


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