Chick Pea Curry

This summer I unexpectely had a really nice chick pea curry at a music festival where I was volunteering. Today I thought I’d try recreating it. It did not quite work out, but the result was nice anyway. Just gotta work on the colour. Want to find the recipe for the other curry, though – another time. Feel a bit like a chemist doing analyses at times (or like an alchemist?)…

The basic idea was to make a curry from chick pea stock, chick peas and coconut milk, and unfortunately, I did not have the time to experiment with spices much. So I basically sauteed lots of garlic, added some curry paste and ginger, then the precooked chick peas with stock (made from soaked and boiled chick peas – boiled with turmeric, cumin and salt actually). I later added some brown lentils, potato and sweet potato cubes and spinach. Although everybody liked the outcome (hence me posting the recipe for those who requested it!), I feel it needs a lot of improvement (flavour, texture and colour). Am working on it! 🙂


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