Endangered Species: Queen’s Market & Hackney Action This Weekend

Photo: Friends of Queen’s Market

A friend in Hackney alerted me to the oh-so-typical problems with dodgy property people. From personal experience, my band has lost 3 rehersal places one after another to ‘development of luxury flats’ (Hackney Wick, Limehouse and Greenwich) and lots of artist and musician friends have lost their homes and work spaces (mostly in Hackney, Greenwich & Deptford). They call it ‘Regeneration’, but so far all I can see are tacky clone buildings for yuppies to live and work in. It certainly can’t be cultural regeneration! What a disturbing visual onslaught – glass, chrome and fake leather for the on-coming Blade Runner age. Let’s hope it comes at least with flying cafs & Chinese canteens a la Fifth Element… :/

So there are two things in Hackney this weekend, where you can show your support (money and corruption tends to overrule the voices of people everywhere, but at least you can make an attempt at holding up a mirror!). For more information, please see the Hackney Solidarity Network webite.



“Today Spirit lost his court case and will be evicted by a Bhamanian-based property speculator that Hackney Council sold the lease of his shop to for less than he was willing to pay for it himself.

After years of working like a dog to pay off the extortionate rent they have been demanding, Spirit is (as I write) emptying the shop of his produce, for the sake of £7,000 legal costs that the magistrate refused to let him repay in instalments.

Please come to Broadway Market Saturday, 11am onwards to show support, rattle a bucket, make a noise. This campaign is not going out with a whimper …

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“Jules Pipe (Mayor of Hackney) said that if you opposed developments like
the Dalston Square then you were part of a ‘keep hackney crap
mentality’. But Hackney isn’t crap. Not even close. It doesn’t need
property speculators to ‘make it a nice place’. Don’t take our word for
it – come and see for yourself.

On Sunday 28 September we will host a walking tour of Gentrification in
Dalston and Hackney Central, culminating in a picnic in London Fields.

While Hackney Council celebrate the Olympics with the ‘Carnival for the
Cultural Olympiad’ we will have a look at the gentrification of Hackney
that the Olympics will cause. From Dalston Lane to Broadway market we
will take people on a guided tour of dispossession and hear from
shopkeepers, residents and the homeless who are fighting to keep their
area a place they can live and work in and struggling to survive in this
Olympic borough.

On Sunday the 28th of September meet at 1pm at the Dalston Peace Mural
on Dalston Lane, (just after corner with Kingsland rd, near Dalston
Kingsland Station)

We are looking for volunteers to help organize the event: both before
and during the 28th! We need people to suggest tour stops, write pieces
for the booklet that accompanies the tour, speak on the day about
campaigns, developments, injustices and change, put up posters, tell
your friends and help make refreshments!

If you would like to get involved, or know more please contact –
londoncoaltionagainstpoverty@gmail.com or call 07932 241737.”


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