New Tasty Improvised Salad

Today I realised again how much of a difference it makes taste-wise how thinly or coarsely you chop things. The realisation came during the making of a salad which I was very pleased, so I thought I’d put in on the blog! I had little money left, but a strong craving for salad. As I already had the pepper, lemons and the apple, I just got the two lettuces…

1 Romaine hearts lettuce
1 chicory
1 red pepper
1/2 apple

Chop all above ingredients (the apple quite finely) and pour a mixture of lemon juice, sugar and oil over it. Quite a Northern German recipe… If you have herbs in the garden such as lemon balm, dill, chives, tarragon etc, feel free to add some of those!


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