Baked Figs

Today, they had 4 figs for £1 on the market. They were very ripe, so they had to be eaten ASAP! I just did one of the simplest things you can do to figs if you don’t want to eat them raw, turn them into ice cream or drown them in alcohol: I baked them with a little honey! Two of the figs were badly squished from my other fruit & veg anyway, so in the evening, I just put them into an ovenproof dish, tore them open some more and put half a teaspoon of honey into each fig. I left them in the oven until they were just hot – what a perfect taste!

Hot figs are also good with vanilla or nut ice cream, chopped nuts, biscuits (I had some spelt ginger biscuits in the house that I had bought in a fit of ostentatiousness, and they went really well with it) and all sorts of other stuff. A lot of people seem to bake them with alcohol and then make vanilla mascarpone – what a killer! Am also tempted to try out the BBC’s numerous fig salad recipes and tarts – they sound terribly posh, but can be made with pretty cheap ingredients – and sometimes with a barbecue! (I know, I have a barbecue fixation…) – and are very filling. I also love the ‘warmth’ that figs seem to radiate and the fact that they are quite docile creatures to work with in the kitchen – it seems to be rather difficult to do something wrong with them. Another great thing about figs is that you can eat the whole thing without having to chuck anything away! So go and get some figs!

PS: Due to popular request, I have changed the original photo for a prettier one… 😉


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