Flower Ice Cream

On my recent treks to visit friends and family I keep bumping into stalls of flower ice cream. In Ghent, I had a delicious lily ice cream (I couldn’t afford a meal in Belgium anyway, so I lived on falafels and smaller snacks) which they sold at a flower shop (!), and my friend had a lavender ice cream. In Stralsund, I had some elderflower ice cream (as well as some sea buckthorn ice cream – they make everything imaginable out of sea buckthorn in this area). When I get back, I will try to make some myself with flower waters or my housemates geraniums – mwhahahaha! Talking of travelling, there are some really interesting articles in the virtual world about flower ice cream – recipes, stories of family flower ice cream businesses and even news items (e.g. warnings about aphrodisiac Turkish salep (‘fox testicles’) ice cream (yum!) made with endangered orchids). Check it out!


One response to “Flower Ice Cream

  1. I’ve heard of “flower” ice cream before – but have never tried it! I too will have to make it my ambition to try making it sometime! I guess you really can make something out of anything!

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