Peanut Butter Oat Cookies

Sorry, camera is still not working, but film is finally finished, so here is the picture!

Anyway, about once a month I get very intense peanut cravings. The last peanut craving outbreak took place in a pub. I can still see the bartender’s face in front of me: ‘What? You don’t want a pint? Just two bags of peanuts?!’ Luckily I didn’t live in the area. Today, I fortunately was at home and happened to have a jar or peanut butter in the fridge. But I didn’t have toast! I could just have eaten the stuff out of the jar, but then I attempted a more civilised way of imbibing the peanuts.

I quickly grabbed some oats, flour, butter and sugar and, together with the peanut butter, I made a firm dough. I didn’t have eggs, but I think I also added some vanilla essence and a bit of cinnamon just to see if it makes a difference in taste, and squished the flapjack-ish mixture into the shape of small cookies. I baked these cookies at medium heat and had to restrain myself from consuming them all at once!

So I guess the most basic recipe is:

Plain Flour
Porridge Oats
Peanut Butter

Just vary the quantities according to whether you want the cookies to be more cookie or flapjack like!

Additional things could be small quantities of buckwheat flour, vanilla flavouring, cinnamon, other nuts, chocolate bits for you chocoholics.


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