Fennel Bake

One of my favourite things to make is fennel bake (that even rhymes!). This dish will probably not be able to exist in the future as it requires hours of slow baking, which with the current gas prices and all is turning into an excessive luxury. The recipe is simple enough:

Chop 1 fennel and 1 onion (or 2-3 shallots). Also use the ‘green frizzy bits’ on the fennel.
Pour over a can of tomatoes or any tomato-based stuff you’ve got in the house.
Season (e.g. salt, pepper, garlic, chilli – or just leave it very ‘fennelly’ with not a lot of spices).
Bake until everything is tender and the tomato stuff is reduced to a darker colour (usually about 2 hours at low heat). You can make it less soft and leave it in the oven for only 30-60 mins. That also tastes very nice.
Put a layer of grated cheese of some kind on top (parmesan, cheddar or even several weeks past the best before date ‘cheapo’ camembert will do, as you can see in the picture).
Bake some more until cheese has formed a delicious crust! If you don’t have cheese, don’t worry. The dish also tastes nice without it – it even tastes nice cold (e.g. with some bread).


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