Sweet Potato Muffin Crossover Experiment

I’m having a 50s housewife day and have so far engaged in floor scrubbing, hoovering, doing the washing up from the last few days and using up leftovers in the form of baking! I originally got some sweet potatoes from the market to make a sweet potato bake or a soup, but I actually had no appetite for any of this stuff last week. So in order for it not to go to waste, I decided to make some baked goods for me and my friends, while using up some more random ingredients…

I based the ‘experiment’ on a recipe from an American website, but because I lost patience with the quantity conversions and doubted some of the quantities (1 whole table spoon of nutmeg? That could be truly mind-expanding! 😉 ), I just made up my own recipe with the usual bizarre additions. In the end, I made two batches with slightly different spice combinations.

Basic recipe:

3 medium eggs or 2 large ones
175 – 200g brown sugar or whatever you’ve got handy as a sweetener
8 tbsp cooking oil of some sort
vanilla flavouring
4 tsp baking powder
300g plain flour
2 large, grated sweet potatoes
a generous dash of salt
some kind of nuts or almonds (the recipe said walnuts, I only had coconut flakes, almond flakes and crushed Chinese almond biscuits with beanflour)
ground allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper and tumeric

For the alternative batch I added ground coriander, cardamom and ginger.

Bake the fantastically wormy-looking dough with some almond flakes on top in 24 muffin cases at medium heat for about 30 mins.

Especially the second batch tastes very wacky. Sort of American-Chinese-Indian… I’m normally not too much into muffins, but I do like those a lot, and they are very nutritious. Already had two! 😀 Go on, make some and take them to your local lido!


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