Mutant Soup Noodle

I am a great fan of clear soups with ‘starchy stuff’, whether the ‘stuff’ is rice, oats, noodles or rather more obscure ingredients. Again, my fellow blogger donated some German alphabet noodles to the London kitchen, and look what I found! What kind of letter is this? A jellyfish, a pac man, a ghost, some sort of primitive harp or even the Call of Cthulu? Ha! But then I had the brains to turn it round by 90 degrees, and it kind of started to look like a Euro sign. Is that the case? If not, I’ve found a rather superb strain of mutant noodle! Hmh, I actually prefer to be it a mutant jellyfish letter… aaah, no money for the creative! 😉


One response to “Mutant Soup Noodle

  1. Wow, a € noodle. Never seen that one before.

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