What to do with leftovers from your juicer

When I moved in to where I currently live, I was please to find a multi-functional food processor in the kitchen. It can chop, grate and juice! Sometimes, when I feel particularly decadent, I make some juice – mostly from beetroot, carrots and apples (mixed together). But I can never throw away the stuff that is left over. Some of my friends have solved the problem by frying the beetroot and carrot leftovers with onions, garlic and curry spices, which I sometimes do, too. I have also used the leftovers in bread. Tonight I drew on the experience with the sweet potato omelette and made carrot and beetroot omelettes using other leftovers. I then ate them with fried mushrooms.

Here are the ‘recipes’:

Carrot Omelette

1 egg
dollop of carrot ‘stuff’
a few frozen peas
salt, pepper
past-best-before-date mature brie chunks

Mix 1 egg with carrot ‘stuff’ and salt & pepper. Pour into pan. Add some peas & brie chunks. Turn over when the bottom side is done.

Beetroot Omelette

1 egg
dollop of beetroot ‘stuff’
onions, garlic
salt, pepper
Cajun spice
hot chilli powder

Chop oninos and garlic. Fry a little before pouring a mix of egg, beetroot, salt, pepper and spices over it. Turn over when bottom side is nice and slightly crispy!

Serve with mushrooms or in bread roll or with salad or whatever 😉


3 responses to “What to do with leftovers from your juicer

  1. This looks sort of perverse, but also really yummy, especially the beetroot one.

  2. Yes, it looks MEATY!!

    … fleshy even! 😉

  3. I’m trying this tonight!

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