Sweet Potato Omelette

Last week I went to see some friends in Yorkshire and around evening time we all grew a bit hungry. As they had just been to the local farm and got enough eggs to feed the entire road, we decided to make omelettes. Because everyone had different ideas about their omelette, we all made our own creation from whatever we could find in the fridge, freezer or on the kitchen surfaces. I was rather intrigued by a bag of mashed sweet-potato, so I folded some of that into the eggs, added salt, pepper and some ‘Spicy Italian’ herb mix that was sitting around by the cooker and finally threw some frozen peas and crumbled extra mature cheddar into the mix. The result was very neat!

The recipe would roughly read as follows:

2 eggs
salt & pepper
fist-sized blob of mashed sweet-potato
herbs of your choice (e.g. Chilli, Italian Herbs)
handful of peas
handful of crumbled strong cheddar (add when one side has started to set, so that it does not ‘tear holes’ in the omelette – you can then turn it in one piece and just make the cheese a bit crispy!)


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