Banana Yoghurt Ice Cream

For a few days, my friend and fellow food blogger Rosa stayed in Somethingfromanything Town. She famously discovered the City’s runaway free-range soups as well as the existence of pineapple fritters. Bizarrely, we just managed to cook one dish together: Spaghetti! Wow… At least the sauce was pretty wacky: tomato, ginger and capers was the combination of the evening!
I then had to go to Manchester (aka Gotham City) for a few days, and on coming back I needed to use up quite a few items that had been left in the fridge, fruit basket & vegetable pots. The first thing I made was

Banana Yoghurt Ice Cream!

2 very ripe & mashed bananas
some leftover clotted cream
some leftover yoghurt
vanilla sugar
(thanks again, Rosa for all of the above ingredients!)

Beat until very fluffy. Put into freezer in some kind of tupperware. Try to stir in between to break up ice crystals. Eat anytime after it’s frozen…


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