World Ocean Day Muffins (Bluewhaleberry Merfins)

Yesterday was World Ocean Day. I invited lots of people to the Foundry in London, which had kindly agreed to host the event (big thank you to Jonathan – and also to Cos!). We created a four-hour live improvised soundtrack to different bits of diving footage. And, of course, I made some theme food to sustain the participants and audience over such a long time…

Due to time constraints and the lack of motorised personal transport I only got round to making muffins, and I made up for the lack of variety through sheer quantity – hence the silly amount of ingredients…

Bluewhaleberry Merfins with Drift Icing and Plankton Sprinkle

2 packets of unsalted butter
500 g of whatever type of sugar is in the back of your cupboard
8 eggs
at least half a bottle of vanilla extract
about 500g flour & 8 level tsp baking powder
about 1 1/2 glasses of milk
a dash of sour cream
almond bits of some kind (almond flour, crushed almond flakes or chopped almonds)
small dash of orange flavouring
a few handfuls of blueberries

Mix everything (add blueberries last when everything else is beaten into a smooth mixture) and bake muffins at Gas Mark 4-5 (takes about 20 mins). Leave to cool.
When you have carried the muffins to where the people consuming these are gathered, drop a teaspoon of drift icing on top of each muffin and add plankton sprinkle. The ‘drift icing’ recipe is as follows:

1 large packet of philadelphia or other cream cheese
the remaining sour cream from the above recipe
juice of 2 limes
about 1/2 packet of icing sugar
2 dashes of blue food colouring

The dolphin & fish sprinkle I got from ebay for a few pence, and the coloured sugar was a present from my mum!


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