Pineapple Lasagna

Lots of people have asked me for the recipe for the now (in?)famous ‘Pineapple Lasagna’! I don’t make it very often – only if I have to cook for an army of hungry musicians or feel particularly rich – because it contains so many ingredients… The last time I made it, I cooked enough to last me and many others for months to come (thanks to modern freezer technology).

This lasagna tastes a lot like your ordinary veggie lasagne, but with a tangy-fruity twist which enlivens tired taste buds. At least that’s my theory! 😉

I don’t really pay attention to quantities with this recipe – feel free to adjust it to suit your taste!

Make a base out of

Peppers (any colour, I used red and a bit of yellow)
Small pieces of pineapple (tinned or fresh)
Random veg from fridge (e.g. mushrooms, fennel, carrots)
Chilli power or fresh chillies
Tin tomatoes
Red lentils
Lots of tarragon
A dash of cinnamon
Salt, Pepper

Make a second base out of:

Lemon juice

Make a while sauce out of:


(Melt butter, stir in the flour and then add milk while stirring constantly until it has the desired texture).

With the help of lasagna sheets (any colour), first make a layer out of the tomato base, then the spinach base and, lastly, the tomato base again. Finish off with a layer of lasagne sheets which gets covered with white sauce and plenty of grated cheese!


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