What to do with leftover fish

I have quite a few friends who love pickled fish. So occasionally I make some for them, although I feel like a complete psychopath cutting a fellow living being up – and frying it! I do this at work all the time, but it always comes as a ‘shocker’. Anyway… I thought, if there are people out there with silly amounts of leftover grilled/barbecued/fried fish who are not into re-using them in fish-burgers the next day, they could make fish-pickle and eat the stuff a few weeks later – or give it away to needy hungover friends…

I made a heavily spiced version with lots of (antiseptic) tumeric and onions, after a recipe from the godfather of preserving, Oded Schwartz. Basically you make a broth from vinegar, salt, sugar, curry powder (with extra tumeric), grated ginger root and onions. You then stick the grilled fish cubes into sterilised jars (10 mins in the oven, Gas Mark 4), pour over the hot broth with the onions, stick some bay leaves and chillies in if you wish, and seal everything. I usually turn the jars upside down for cooling. That’s it! Of course, you can make up your own spicy or non-spicy broth – or pickle the fish raw! But that’s another story…

PS: Make sure your fish is firm enough to withstand pickling…

PPS: You can also make fish soup, fish curry or fish burgers with leftover fish! For fish soup, you can also used all the leftover parts of the fish to make a stock – but don’t forget to take them out before your guests get scared! Feel free to post some gory fish soup stock making pictures though 😉


One response to “What to do with leftover fish

  1. Wow – so you don’t eat fish – but pickle any fishy leftovers? That’s dedication to saving our precious planet’s resources.

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