The Tastiest Veggie Burgers So Far

On Sunday evening, a friend spontaneously popped in waving a packet of burger buns in front of my nose. Clearly, it was barbecuing time! While she started the grill on the roof, I quickly whipped up some millet burgers. A left-over halloumi from work was also slaughtered, my reduced-to-clear avocados were turned into guacamole and my reduced-to-clear salad and dill were transformed into a tasty green yoghurt-dill-sauce wonder. Why had I made guacamole? Just because the avocados were there and needed eating. But I had nothing to go with it, and neither with the halloumi. Then we had a splendid idea: Let’s create a super-indulgent special burger! The order was:

Millet Burger

Amaaaazing! My friend also added some English Mustard, which also tasted nice.

Am curious what other ‘special’ veggie burgers people have created from scratch! Feel free to post your creations!


4 responses to “The Tastiest Veggie Burgers So Far

  1. Yuk, millet! Rosa don’t like!

    But the rest sounds really yummy – avocado & halloumi, mhmmm. I really like, ahem, ‘risotto burgers’ – just fry some leftover risotto in olive oil until golden brown. Would also be great on a burger bun.

  2. mutablematter

    how can you not like millet? it does not seem to have any distinguishable flavour? šŸ˜‰

  3. Must be a trauma from that ‘alternative’ cooking phase my mother went through in the late 80s.

  4. mutablematter

    My mum had this cooking phase for about 2 days – then she abandoned her fashion foods to the birds. According to her, not even they would eat it… Luckily it was a self-experiment, so I did not have to suffer from it. Instead, she has a millet trauma now. The 80s, eh? …

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