Corn & Blackbean Salad

Thanks to the kind donation of a friend, I had a packet of ‘beans for goths’ (quote) in my cupboard. Today, they fulfilled their tasty purpose by ending up in one of my salads! I made it for a barbecue, and it really worked well with the with the smokey protein from the grill!

The salad contains:

Cooked and chilled blackbeans
Sweetcorn (use either fresh, frozen or tinned)
Peppers (any colour)
Spring Onions

You could also add chillies or leave ingredients away – or try adding stuff like mangoes.

I made a dressing for it from oil, vinegar, salt and mustard. You could also make a dill-yoghurt dressing (sweet or savoury or both ;D) or any dressing you like. I just thought that particular dressing brought the colour out well and emphasised the taste of the sweet corn!

Btw I also kept the tasty bean stock. I’m sure I will find a dish to use it in! šŸ˜‰


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