Potato & Vegetable Quickie

This is a very quick & easy dish using potatoes from the day before – or freshly boiled ones.

1. Slice potatoes & seasonal Vegetables.

2. Layer cheese on top (I used own brand budget mild cheese and own brand budget camembert) and put into the oven.

3. When it looks like this (after about 10 mins), take out of the oven and eat. The potatoes will be nice and soft and the veg will be fresh and crispy. Goes well with a bit of bread, and if you are into sweet & savoury, you could eat cranberry sauce, chutney or onion jelly with it!


3 responses to “Potato & Vegetable Quickie

  1. Hah! I think I know now what I will do with those wrinkled beetroots rotting away in my fridge. Add a potatoe or two, a carrot (which is rotting right next to the beetroots), a healthy dose of olive oil, and roast it all. Should be best without the cheese, but with a dollop of sour cream, no?

  2. mutablematter

    rotten food quickie – yes!! what can top that?! 😉

  3. Woohoo, I made it yesterday. Thankfully, just one of the beetroots and two carroty had to be thrown out – the rest were a little wrinkly but fine. T’was really good! Made a yoghurt-quark-dip, yum.

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