Local London News – Grow Your Own And Recycle Ass

A big thank you to the person who cheered me up on the bus coming back from one of my Oriental City trips. Feeling pretty shit about work stuff and the impending closure of my favourite London hangout, the ‘ass recycling’ station really made my day! 😉

My housemate just alerted me to these people who help you grow stuff on your balcony/in your garden/in your London/Greater London home. Some of you might be interested in this. Their mission is
‘To partner with the people of Greater London to promote and initiate the use of front gardens and balconies to grow and share healthy, natural food. This will reduce food miles and dependency on supermarkets, whilst increasing self-reliance and community empowerment’. You can also volunteer there if you know about gardening and want to convert more people to it. My gardening method is usually: get hold of some sort of soil, plonk some seeds into it, water occasionally, see what happens. Sometimes I have luck (great beetroot, tomatoes, chillies, salad), sometimes I don’t (leeks, spinach and coriander don’t seem to be any good for either balcony pots or my gardening ‘skills’!).


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