Pear and Vanilla Pudding

This is one of my random creations from ‘anything’ again: I had to use up 4 ripe pears and 1/3 madeira cake. I also had a packet of posh organic vanilla pudding powder, kindly donated by my friend & fellow blogger Rosa of Schnuppensuppe fame (yes, it was my birthday two weeks ago and lots of people brought or sent me food, yey! :D).
As I had enough milk to make that pudding, I just chopped the pears up, put them into bowls on top of the madeira cake (or just into bowls with the madeira cake on a separate plate), made the pudding and poured it over the pear chunks. I waited for a bit (impatiently!) and then ate 1 pudding and gave another one to my housemate. The last pudding I ate a few hours later. Greedy me!


2 responses to “Pear and Vanilla Pudding

  1. *Clears throat* well, I’m not too sure about the “fame” bit 😉

    Glad you enjoyed the pudding – this is a bit like trifle, no? Can’t wait to see what you do with the black beans (although it probably won’t be too photogenic).

  2. I’ll try to cook them in a photogenic way – unlike the last time where I had the folly of making puree out of them. Wet ash would have looked more appetising!!

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