How to not get tired of eating tortellini if you’ve got more that 8 packets of them

A friend of mine just bought a stack of tortellini packets, because they were on special offer. She then asked me how she could vary them. I took a few off her (see where this goes? ;D) and started reporting my findings. From previous experience I knew that the following works as a dressing for hot tortellini:

Olive oil
Or olive oil/pesto with one or more of the following: lemon juice, pepper, rocket, parmesan shavings, sundried tomatoes, cold roast vegetables, parma ham, fresh herbs, mushrooms.

Most people seem to just dump them into

Tomato, mushroom, white wine or cheese sauce.

I tried putting them into soups (bouillons) with some chopped in vegetables, which was very successful. E.g. spicy leek & carrot soup with tortellini (see above image). I wonder whether they taste any good in salad or omelette ๐Ÿ˜‰

Generally, pasta can be combined with a large number of ingredients, which helps you not to get bored of it: Sauces, Freid/Raw/Roast Vegetables, Pesto, Garlic Oil, Butter, Nuts, Raisins, Scrambled Egg and Onions, Halloumi, Quorn, Mince Meat, Meat Chunks, Meat Balls, Bean Salad, Peaches and Cinnamon Cream… and I am not even gonna go into this tuna-pasta-salad abomination I have to make at work!

Peaches and Cinnamon Cream you may ask? Yes: Boil Pasta, leave to cool a bit. In a bowl, mix cream with cinnamon and sugar. Add tinned peach slices and pasta. Bake for a while. Eat as hot main course or (hot or cold) dessert.

There are many sweet pasta dishes, e.g. the South Indian dessert Payasam is possibly the best use of pasta on this planet: milk, cardamom pods, dried fruit, nuts/almonds, sugar, vermicelli: what more could you want! Okay, maybe some added coconut milk goodness ๐Ÿ˜‰


One response to “How to not get tired of eating tortellini if you’ve got more that 8 packets of them

  1. I really, really love fried cooked pasta. This is great for leftovers, but sometimes I cook pasta specifically to fry it afterwards ๐Ÿ™‚

    Filled pasta is good just fried on its own, but you can of course add onions, eggs or any veggies you have at hand.

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