Tuesday’s Dinner

Another soup – I know. I even had to omit some soups such as Sunday and Monday’s creme of cauliflower soup not to cause embarrassment to myself online. I am on an instinct driven soup marathon. I am also trying to cure myself of a swede and turnip phobia that started when one of my co-workers made a horrible swede & turnip soup that smelled like old adult incontinence pads. That was about four years ago and since then, I haven’t been able to face said vegetables. But lately, a little voice in my head has begun to remind me that I might be doing these neglected bulbs a gross injustice. As a result, I have begun my ‘redemption of the swede’ programme – which will hopefully later be extended to the humble turnip.

Swede & Carrot Soup

This recipe is based on the one from the 5-minute-dinner soup, to enter into a relationship with the feared vegetable in the most familiar and thus comfortable surroundings…
I cut 2 shallots, a clove of garlic, THE swede and two carrots with my housemates scary razor blade grater. I dumped everything into 2 pints of simmering water, together with one stock cube and some semi-random herbs from the back of my fridge (I think it was some coriander and chives from last week’s reduced-to-clear section raid). I let everything simmer till it was tender (didn’t take long). The vegetables gave the stock a very distinct flavour, so I only had to add a little salt and pepper to it. I got everything out and chopped some leftover coriander into it. And to my own surprise, I ate (and loved) the whole lot!

Afterwards, I treated myself with my favourite dessert, again, courtesy of the reduced to clear rack: creamy-dairy stuff with some nice squash (sometimes with chocolate sprinkles, sometimes without). What I mean by ‘creamy-dairy stuff’ is, that you can use anything from yoghurt, greek yoghurt, fromage frais (can we invent an English word for this it one day, please?!) for it – either on its own or mixed with cream and/or lemon juice and sugar (or vanilla sugar or sugar and vanilla flavour). My favourite combination so far:

Fromage frais with Pomegranate Squash

1 pot of fromage frais/quark
dash of cream
dash of lemon juice
sugar or vanilla sugar

mixed pomegranate based (pomegranate-ish) squash
chocolate sprinkles
(the last three ingredients were Christmas prezzies from my mum, I have to confess!)

Instead of squash, you can also mix in cranberry sauce, mashed bananas, mashed berries (you be lucky! ;D), pineapple pieces, tin fruit etc. I once tried mixing in some custard and Angel Delight Powder. It worked, but I still prefer it with sugar and ‘proper’ vanilla flavouring only 😉


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