Buttermilk – Nectar of the… cows

The other day, I saw several pots of buttermilk in the reduced-to-clear pile. What do do with so much buttermilk that will go out of date on the day? First of all, it usually doesn’t. Secondly, you can make a variety of things with the lovely sour stuff, especially if you are blessed with living in the following location:

My favourite one is: Lassi! Just stir in some orange, mango, lemon or lime juice (or whatever juice you fancy) – or whatever you’ve got handy to make a drink with (squash? mint leaves?).

Another thing buttermilk is good for is as a raising agent. If you’ve ever made a cake with buttermilk, you will have marvelled at the height your cake or bread has climbed to. Here is a recipe for my grandmother’s buttermilk cake (you can also do a similar cake with cream – see note below):

2 pots of buttermilk (I think most of them are about 200ml)

Wash out the pot and measure the other ingredients with it:
2 pots of sugar
4 pots of flour
3 eggs
1 -2 tsp baking powder
lemon peel

If using cream instead of buttermilk use 1 pot of cream, 1 pot of sugar, 2 pots of flour, 3 eggs, 2 tsp baking powder and lemon peel.

Pour the dough onto a large, deep baking tray (or use 2 trays, if they are small). Bake it until the surface is just firm.
Take out the trays and distribute the topping over the cake. The topping is made from

125 melted butter
3 tbsp milk
1 pot of sugar
100g sliced almonds

The cake is then baked until it is firm and it’s surface a delicious brown! 😀


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