5 Minute Dinner – Mushroom Egg Soup with Coriander

This is one the results of unbelievable luck in the reduced-to-clear section. Last night’s bargains were: coriander (19p), ‘taste the difference’ madarines (49 p), organic tomatoes (49p), organic portobello mushrooms (99p), buttermilk (39 p – makes great breakfast lassis and cakes).

Dilute stock cube in boiling water, add mushrooms and whatever other vegetables you want to throw in. While this simmers for a while, make some scrambled poached egg. After tasting the soup (you could add some soya sauce, lemon juice, tomato purree, whatever sits in your fridge or on your spice rack that you fancy), dice the set egg and add it to the soup. Just before serving, add some chopped coriander. Done! 


3 responses to “5 Minute Dinner – Mushroom Egg Soup with Coriander

  1. Dear ‘something for nothing’…

    I am going to to make this recipe as soon as my lil’ legs can go forage me some mushrooms. But my housemates are vegan, do you think that I could use tofu as an egg substitute? Or do you perhaps have another suggestion? 🙂

  2. Talking of harvesting mushrooms – I’ve just noticed that my neighbours have some growing out of their walls onto the street! Wonder what type they are… 😉

    Anyway… yes, tofu should work – or other soya protein type stuff. try it out! you could also turn it into a more Chinese-style soup then, if you fancy.
    Another idea i had was strips of vegan pancakes. i found a recipe here:
    someone who tried them out said you can also do them with ‘whole wheat flour, white sugar salt, soymilk and olive oil’! I have no idea about their texture though or whether they go mushy in soup…
    Ah, and what about… if you happen to have a thick layer of rice stuck to the bottom of a pot, you could cut that into strips and use it! A friend of mine does that…

  3. Thanks for the tip… which will coincidentally come in handy tomorrow for PANCAKE DAY! (I think there is a religious reason why its pancake day, but this has always perplexed me. How are pancakes holy? maybe it has something to do with unlevened bread??)

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