Gingerbread Houses

Just so you remember for next year: gingerbread houses make great Christmas presents and can be made at a very low cost using no gas or electricity. You just need to walk over to places like Aldi or Lidl in November/December and get

– a huge bag of cheap gingerbread or other suitable Christmas biscuits

– icing sugar and either lemon juice (or any kind of juice) or water (I know people who have made gingerbread house icing with spiced water or spice tea)

– bright edible decoration such as smarties or other colourful junk

– some kind of support beams or things for the gingerbread

Make a very thick icing from the icing sugar and the accompanying liquid.

Build a house (as stable as possible) from the gingerbread/biscuits and the icing sugar using objects to support the construction if necessary (the best thing is to fill the house with cookies so that the walls/roof don’t collapse).

Decorate the house and wait for it to dry.


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