Pumpkin Soup(s)

1 small pumpkin or a small chunk of a big one2 vegetable cubes (dissolved in 2 cups of water)

3 carrots and half a glass of orange juice

or 250g spinach, garlic, 1 chillie

1 onion

Pepper Nutmeg

a drop of yoghurt

Bread to go with soup 

Half or quarter the pumpkin, take seeds out. Keep seeds.Brush pumpkin with oil and place onto baking tray at low-medium heat. Bake until tender. If you want, in the meantime, wash pumpkin-seeds, dry, mix with oil and a bit of salt and also put into oven for about 40 mins until crisp. Tasty!!

Fry onions and either carrots or spinach until soft. If you use carrots, add diluted oxocube immediately and simmer carrots until soft. Scoop flesh out of pumpkins and add to carrots or spinach. If using spinach, add chilli and vegetable stock now.Use blender to make a smooth soup. Add more stock if necessary. Add spices and serve with bread a drop of yoghurt.  


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