Light & Easy Salads

For your vitamin needs….

Beetroot Salad

Per person use:
1 beetroot
½ avocado and/or 1 carrot
Batavia or other green leaf salad
Sunflower oil

Grate beetroot. Place on a handful of salad leaves. Cut a few avocado pieces on top. In a cup mix garlic, a bit of lemon juice, salt and sunflower oil. Pour over salad.

Serve with rolls.

Celery Salad

Celery Sticks
Horseradish sauce

Chop celery sticks and apples into small-ish pieces. For the sauce mix yoghurt, lemon, sugar and horseradish sauce to taste.

Sweet Celeriac, Beetroot or Carrot Salad

1 medium celeriac, beetroot or carrot
2 apples
(optional: sugar)

Grate celeriac and apples. Mix with a drop of cream and a bit of lemon juice. If not sweet enough, add sugar. If using carrots, leave away cream.

More Adventurous Carrot Salad

300g carrots
Juice of 1 lemon
3 sour apples (e.g. Granny Smith)

2 tbsp. Honey
Juice of 1 Orange
Half a cup of cream
A bit of crushed ginger or powdered ginger
50 g walnuts

Grate carrots and apples. Add lemon juice.
Blend honey with orange juice, ginger and slightly whipped cream. Pour over salad and leave in fridge for 15 mins. In the meantime chop walnuts and add to salad before serving.

Indian-style Salad


Fresh Coriander
1 medium-sized onion
a few tomatoes
1 apple
oil, vinegar


Crushed garlic
Chilli Powder
Rose water etc.

Chop coriander and onion. Cut apple and tomatoes into small cubes. Mix and add oil, vinegar and salt. Add “other stuff”.

Chinese Cabbage Salad

1/2 Chinese cabbage
1 large red pepper
1 Apple
Optional: Cucumber or onions
1 Lemon
Optional: Tarragon, oil

Cut the cabbage into small strips, dice the pepper and apple (and cucumber if using). Make a dressing from lemon, sugar (and oil if you want). Mix everything thoroughly. Tastes better if left to soak for an hour or longer.


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